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It all started when...

The Negroni Social was founded at Nostrana in 2011 by restaurant industry professionals Douglas Derrick (Campari America) and Nicholas Suhor (General Manager at Nostrana) and was the inspiration for Negroni Week.

In 2010 Nicholas challenged Douglas to craft a special Negroni variation for each month of the year - formulating the Negroni of the Month program at Nostrana - and at the conclusion of 12 months, the recipes were compiled and featured at a late night costume gala for the restaurant industry, from which all proceeds were donated to charity. The Negroni Social was born!

In the two years that followed, Douglas continued to experiment with original Negroni variations. In year four, the program expanded to include a collaborative element. Nostrana Chef/Owner Cathy Whims and Douglas curated a “Chef Series” Negroni of the Month program, calling on America’s top female chefs to contribute their recipes. In 2015, Douglas and now bar manager Peter Carpenter widened their collaborative effort, challenging elite bartending talents worldwide to create a “Pro Series” of Negroni variations. In 2016, the “Fruit of the Vine” series featured contributions from twelve top wine directors and sommeliers. And now in 2017 a list of Negroni variations from Portland bartenders.