2017 Press Release

It’s Negroni Time!

2017 Event Features Top 12 Negroni from Portland Bartenders

PORTLAND, Ore (May 22, 2017) – The future is upon us, and luckily it includes lots of Negronis. On Sunday, June 4, Portland’s bar industry elite will gather at the seventh annual Negroni Social, for a first taste of the city’s 12 best variations of the beloved Negroni – all original recipes prepared by the bartenders themselves.


Each year, the invitation-only Negroni Social brings together bartenders, distillers and more, to kick-off Negroni Week and raise funds for non-profit organizations. This year, a cocktail competition in advance of the gala brought in more than 50 Negroni entries. The top 12 will be featured at the event, and claim a coveted place on the rotating “Negroni of The Month” menu at Nostrana. For the seventh year, the event is sponsored by Campari.  


The competition winners are:

  • Angel Teta - Ataula

  • Clara Ridabock - Victoria

  • David Halpern - LeChon

  • Brian Quigley - Chesa

  • Colin Carroll - Trifecta

  • Anna Moss - La Moule

  • Pete Maben - Buckman Public House

  • Peter Carpenter - Rooster Bar

  • Nathan Gerdes - La Moule

  • Eric Nelson - Shipwreck

  • Sue Erickson - The Fireside

  • Brandy Feit - Headwaters


The Negroni Social theme is “2017: A Future Odyssey,” and will be held at the soon-to-open Buckman Public House. The event also serves as a first peek at one of 2017’s most anticipated new venues. Guests will be treated to a celebratory atmosphere set to a theme inspired by Stanley Kubrick, in Portland’s newest jaw-dropper.


“In year’s past, we’ve released a retrospective view of the past twelve Negroni of The Month, and by hosting a competition to pick the next twelve, we have found that the future of the Negroni is bright in the hands of Portland’s creative bar talent, ” says Douglas Derrick, Negroni Social co-founder and Campari Key Account Representative.


For the third year, the Negroni Social team is working with Beckham Estate (Sherwood, OR) to age more than 300 Negronis for the party’s welcome cocktail in amphorae, hand-made clay vessels crafted by Andrew Beckham at the vineyard. Douglas will be creating a classic negroni of Campari, Bulldog Gin and Cinzano 1757 sweet vermouth  And, for the most exciting part - after the amphorae are filled with the cocktail, the vessel is buried underground to age for two months.  When guests arrive at the Negroni Social, they will be greeted by a bartender nestled between large amphorae and handed one of the aged subterranean cocktails.


The event will benefit Outside In for the 7th year, a Portland non-profit organization that provides medical and mental health services and resources to homeless youth. To date, the event has donated $15,000 to the cause, and organizers are hoping 2017 will be the best year yet.

The invite-only gala is free to attend, with guests buying Negroni ($10) as a way of raising funds for the cause. A recipe book featuring the 12 selected cocktails is also available for purchase ($10).



The Negroni Social was founded at Nostrana in 2011 by restaurant industry professionals Douglas Derrick (Campari America) and Nicholas Suhor (General Manager at Nostrana) and was the inspiration for Negroni Week.

In 2010 Nicholas challenged Douglas to craft a special Negroni variation for each month of the year - formulating the Negroni of the Month program at Nostrana - and at the conclusion of 12 months, the recipes were compiled and featured at a late night costume gala for the restaurant industry, from which all proceeds were donated to charity. The Negroni Social was born!

In the two years that followed, Douglas continued to experiment with original Negroni variations. In year four, the program expanded to include a collaborative element. Nostrana Chef/Owner Cathy Whims and Douglas curated a “Chef Series” Negroni of the Month program, calling on America’s top female chefs to contribute their recipes. In 2015, Douglas and now bar manager Peter Carpenter widened their collaborative effort, challenging elite bartending talents worldwide to create a “Pro Series” of Negroni variations. In 2016, the “Fruit of the Vine” series featured contributions from twelve top wine directors and sommeliers. And now in 2017 a list of Negroni variations from Portland bartenders.


The 2017 Negroni Social is sponsored by:


Event design by Ryan Ricketts.

Event design by Ryan Ricketts.