2017 negroni social cocktail competition...

 For the 7th annual Negroni Social, Douglas Derrick and Campari America are hosting a Portland-wide cocktail competition to choose 12 Negroni variations to be featured at this year’s event.   Winning recipes will be featured at Nostrana, Portland’s iconic regional Italian restaurant, in the year to follow as part of the restaurant’s long-running “Negroni of the Month” program. Winning recipes will also be featured in a recipe book commemorating the event.  

The Negroni Social is to be held on Sunday June 4th, celebrating the kick-off of Negroni Week, and providing a chance to imbibe the city’s best Negroni cocktails. The event is a fundraiser, with all proceeds going to Outside In.  The competition and event are sponsored by Campari America. 

Winners must agree to have their drink, their name, and their affiliated establishment’s name featured in the following: 

  • -On their establishment’s menu during Negroni Week (June 5-11, 2017)
  • -On Nostrana’s “Negroni of the Month” (NOTM) menu for a a full month (Date TBD)
  • -On their establishment’s menu during the same month that Nostrana lists the cocktail as a NOTM (Dates TBD)
  • -All press, social media, and related content


  • Create an original Negroni variation with name and submit to Negroni Social by APRIL 19th at midnight.  Our staff will replicate and anonymously taste for selection as one of the 12 featured cocktails at the 2017 Negroni Social and subsequent feature as a “Negroni of the Month” at Nostrana.
      • Recipes must be original creations by the submitter and from within Portland city limits.
      • Recipes must feature Campari Bitter. 
      • If there is a comparable product in the Campari America portfolio to your chosen spirit or liquor, please feature it. Competitive brand names may not be featured in the printed recipe.  See below photo of Campari America products.
      • Recipe must be submitted in all ounces (all metric measurements also accepted), drops, or dashes and scaled for a single serving
      • Recipe must include a detailed description of the garnish, glassware, and ice. Note: presentation of your cocktail to our anonymized-tasting panel may need to be varied to match our glassware and ice.  
      • Recipes must not exceed 4oz (pre-dilution) for 'up' cocktails and 6oz for 'highball or rocks' cocktails. 
      • Made-from-scratch and specialty ingredients must include a complete recipe to fulfill a batch to satisfy 20 full-sized finished drinks.
      • All ingredients should be easily obtainable or made from scratch — without difficulty or extreme expense.  Note: we may ask you to provide made-from-scratch or specialty ingredients.
      • Recipe should take no longer than 90 seconds to construct. Note: ingredients prepared in advance, like pre-made syrup or garnish, are not considered in construction time.  
      • Approximate base pour-cost of the cocktail should be under $4 in Oregon. 
  • Recipes should be submitted to our recipe coordinator, Natalia Toral, via email at natalia@negronisocial.org by APRIL 19th at midnight.  All cocktails will be recreated and anonymously presented to the Negroni Social tasting panel. 
Douglas Derrick and Caitlin Crisan of Campari America

Douglas Derrick and Caitlin Crisan of Campari America